My Lucky Shrooming Bag

My Lucky Shrooming Bag,Lucky Shrooming Bag My,My Lucky Shrooming Bag: Handmade, Discover your favorite brand save money with deals Discounted price Boutique department store online purchase! Bag My Lucky Shrooming.

My Lucky Shrooming Bag

My Lucky Shrooming Bag: Handmade. 。I am an avid Morel Mushroom Hunter. I can honestly say that - this bag is the most comfortable & practical mushroom hunting bag on the market!。 。 This is a 15 x 17 inch mushroom hunting bag made out of tough tear resistant mesh used by scuba divers around sharp reefs. It has a thick very comfortable adjustable strap that you can adjust into a handle or over the shoulder bag. We also added the solid bottom to protect the morels or any other wild mushrooms from crushing as the bag gets filled. The mesh we use is thicker with smaller holes which also protects your mushrooms from grating, while still spreads the spores as you walk through the woods. We proudly make them in the USA。 。 Another awesome feature about this bag is I wore it over my head & shoulder .. as I was picking morels, the bag was right in front of my chest to put the mushrooms in, which freed up both of my hands for picking. And as I moved through the woods at a decent speed the bag hangs just a bit higher which allows me to move fast without smacking the bag around with my legs with precious morel mushrooms. The bag comes with a 8 inch pocket that reads "My Lucky Shrooming Bag". You can fold the bag & the strap into the pocket for off season storage.。 。The mesh is needed when you pick morel mushrooms to release the spores so they plant else where, start a new mycelium growth & will keep producing mushrooms in the same as well as new areas. Using a mesh bag also keeps your mushrooms fresh. .。 。The mesh is very sturdy. We use high quality mesh material so you don't have to worry about ripping your mushroom bag with precious morel mushrooms in it.。 。Thank you for visiting Morel Mushroom Amazon Handmade Store. It has been born out of pure desire and dedication to giving our fellow mushroom hunters & nature lovers products to show off and wear proudly! Happy Shrooming 。 。 。 。

My Lucky Shrooming Bag
My Lucky Shrooming Bag
My Lucky Shrooming Bag
My Lucky Shrooming Bag
My Lucky Shrooming Bag
My Lucky Shrooming Bag
My Lucky Shrooming Bag

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My Lucky Shrooming Bag

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My Lucky Shrooming Bag

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My Lucky Shrooming Bag

My Lucky Shrooming Bag: Handmade, Discover your favorite brand save money with deals Discounted price Boutique department store online purchase!
My Lucky Shrooming Bag